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You are here because you are looking for a solution to make an extravagant environment in your café or restaurant for your visitors. Yes, it is the right approach because it will allow them to stay more time at your place which ultimately generates more revenue which is your primary goal. Usually, the food and the drinks are the most important, but the decoration of your place is equally important, and it should be integrated with the seating arrangement. Why is it so?

It’s the universal known business fact that restaurants and cafes make profits when they can seat as many people as they can through the day and when the patrons order higher-priced items. Moreover, the priority and occupancy rate of the window seat is much higher. Concluding it simply; More the window seats More the revenue.



Panora View- Windows with vertical retraction and mighty size grants more window seating capacity. 


On the other hand, Panora – View Doors offer seamless access and didn’t occupy the space due to vertical retraction. Ultimately the seating capacity increases whereas the connectivity of indoor with outdoor due to no horizontal profile in Panora Product gives your brand the exclusivity of something different at your place.





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