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Recreational venues offer users and visitors to spend their leisure time by making it productive by doing physical and mental health exercises. The domain of recreational venues diversifies within the range of cultural and art homes to the public places where community events can be held. It can be a fitness gym or swimming pool along with other athletic activities that are being arranged at the space for the business. Stadiums, sports centers, playgrounds, theater, Museums, exhibition centers, wedding halls are all considered to be an important part of any city and listed in the domain of recreational venues. The importance of these places in society puts the burden on the architects, builders, and contractors to think about the architecture of these spaces and came up with solutions that make the entrance and exit point seamless. It should also have the total control for air ventilation and natural light exposure that is important for the audience's comfortability along with the connectivity of indoor with outdoor in a way that motivates the positive energy.

Panora defined its roots from the new generation of doors, windows, balustrade, and balconies that ultimately replaced the fixed facades. The big large opening of Panora – View Windows and Doors with no horizontal profiles and vertical automatic retraction has the best choice for the venues for recreational activities.

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