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Panora helps you to execute the dream you have seen for your home. A home where you want to spend the rest of your life with your family. Thinking about this type of space the first thing comes to mind is architecture and design. It must be unique and different that it becomes the talk of the town. It needs to have the most ventilation and daylight for comfort and delight. The indoor part of the house connects with the outdoors in a way that provides unobstructed views. Moreover, the hassle-free entrance is a vital part that is being taken care of. All these wishes are being wrapped up with a single solution i.e. vertical retraction.

Panora's vision & concept; to enhance the architectural style and design of residential spaces. These residential spaces can be a Villa, Bungalow, Residential apartment or a penthouse.

“View”; has the feature of vertical retraction and must be your best choice. Panora-View has vertical retracting enormous size doors and windows replacing the contemporary walls. It introduced as moving facades that establish a sense of Panoramic views. Allowing seamless connection between indoor and outdoor. Let’s say the glass facade with movement, Motion in architecture.

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Humans spend 90% of their life indoors. Their homes host much of their indoor time. Recognizing this spending time rate at home; Panora introduces the vertical retracting products that justify this time. These vertical retractable windows, doors, and balustrades shape the architecture. The architecture that motivates the productivity rate and ... Learn More

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