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Panora Vertical Retracting

Doors Systems

What is a vertical retractability for a door and what are the differences of a vertically retractable door from a regular doosr? Panora Vertical Retracting Doors are designed for better transition possibilities between different spaces. A door is a must for a space for safety reasons, privacy reasons and for better use of circulation in houses, commercial spaces etc. However usually a door ends up blocking passages, decreasing the usable area in a room and becomes inconvenient in busy hours or stays limited in terms of opening size.

Vertical Retractable Doors draw up a new definition for the doors as we know it. Imagine a door completely removing itself from the pathway and disappear from the eye sight to help creating a healthy human circulation and clear the rigid borders between indoor and outdoor spaces. This vertical retractable door system is what a project needs to obtain the ability to purging the gardens into the living rooms, the outdoor patios to the indoor areas. It is a well-designed, strong glass wall that can completely go away and create large, meaningful openings when needed. 

Why Vertical Doors? 

The perfect flow for your property.  Because when you install Panora Vertical Retractable Doors Systems you obtain two products at once. On one hand, when closed it encloses your space into a safe, cozy, comfortable and well-defined area and on the other hand, when opened it looks like a modern interpretation of an arch where you achieve wide, beautiful openings where people can pass through without any effort. No ugly door thresholds on the floor, no extra profiles blocking your foot. The system retracts upwards and it is like, nothing exist there on the wall but just a spacious passage.

The indoor blends into outdoor with Panora Vertical Retractable Doors Systems. People’s needs change from summer to winter, from morning to evening time. The urban life requires flexibility now, the ability to answer any function individually and separately costs a lot but if you can respond to all needs at once it is smart. Modern human psychology reveals how important being exposed to natural light and spending time outdoors is important. However in the buildings the tendency is towards firmly closing all four sides of a space and cut an opening for entrance and exit purposes. This generally is the first reflex in most designs. Panora vertical retractable system invites you to re-think the processes of how a space is used and how it can be improved to serve better, to serve more than just an entrance purpose. 

Who should use it?

Panora Vertical Retractable Doors Systems are for everyone! But especially for those who are dulled by the static architecture. The act of vertical retraction calls for everyone who seek mobility, flexibility and versatility in architecture, in other words for those who is ready to take it to the next level and have “motion in arhitecture.”

Architects are going to love the capacity of 6m width opening feature. Panora Vertical Retractable Doors Systems are engineered with forcible aluminum profiles. Every detail is thought beforehand so that the architects can be provided with cad details, information on installation, custom drawings, technical specifications and site-specific recommendations.

Homeowners will also seize the advantages of Panora Vertical Retractable Doors Systems. Do you have a garden? Do you have a dark, stuffy room with an inadequate window? Do you feel like you can’t enjoy the beautiful weather in summers efficiently enough? Vertical Retraction will remove the boundries and let all the fresh air in. You can have one unified spacious area with a good circulation flow with the benefits of vertical retraction.

Businesses can install Panora Vertical Retracting Doors Systems and save the customers who ask for a table in fresh air in summer and those who ask for a warm space in winter. Flexibility and adoptability is everything for a business. Does your business have what it takes to create a loyal customer profile?

Types of Vertical Retracting Doors :

Panora Vertical Retractable Door Systems are engineered in diffrent modles and formats to be able to reply to any architectural requirement. According to the desired opening percentage on the facade, suitable Panora system can be preferred.


One Size Does Not Suits All


- Ideal where design flexibility, excellent weather and thermal performance is of importance,

- Up to 8 different configurations, 1 to 4 frames allowing for 50%, 66% or 75% opening as a Window or a Door

- Sizes ranging from 5.0m width to 6.0m in height,

- New or retrofit installation with ease,

- Designed with thermally broken structural system, motor
box and window,

- Frames will accept IG of up to 32mm


- Designed for curtain wall or residential applications where excellent weather and thermal performance is of importance,

- 2 frame system allowing for 50% opening

as a Window or a Door,

- Sizes ranging from 5.0m width to 6.0m in height,

- New or retrofit installation with ease,

Designed with thermally broken structural system, motor box and window frames,

- Frames will accept IG of up to 38mm


- Cost effective system, good weather performance, ideal for installations where extreme thermal insulation is not a
priority, and cost is!

- Up to 6 different configurations, 1 to 3 frames allowing for 50%, 66% opening as a Window, Door, Interior Divider or Countertop application.

- Sizes ranging from 3.6m width to 3.6m in height, New or retrofit installation with ease,

- Non-thermally broken profile system,

- Frames will accept Single or IG of up to 20mm


Vertical Retracting Doors Prices? How much does it cost?

Panora Vertical Retractable Doors System is specially designed for your projects. Our professional team of experts offer you the best possible system with the correct sizes and specifications after analyzing your requirements in order to obtain the perfect fit. The question of "How much is a door system" depends on the size, glazing type, model and installation conditions, therefore following your request, Libart's experienced team prepare a custom offer for your project. In order to gain further information on our pricing policies, retractable system prices and installation costs, feel free to contact Libart from the information given on our contact page. 


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