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A new solution for Windows & Doors “For a better view!”

We are proud to announce the revolution in Windows & Doors. Libart’s Panora Vertical Retracting Windows and Doors presents a new paradigm. Panora’s large span, vertical retracting Windows & Doors provide you with an unobstructed view within the stractural supports in your buildings.

Imagine a Window or a Door that visually and virtually disappears when opened.  Panora Systems provide vast uninterrupted access to outdoors.

Why Panora Vertical Retracting Windows/Doors?

  • - Connect your indoor with the outside World
  • - Better ventilation control
  • - Bring functional flexibility to your facades
  • - Maximum view, less profiles, more glass.
  • - Available for retrofit applications
  • - Stylish, modern, fuctional architectural solution
  • - No vertical frames that hinders your view

Why Panora Windows & Doors?

  • - Up to 5.5m width x  6.0m height
  • - Insulated glass of up to 38mm
  • - Extensive control options
  • - Perfect seal against water and air penetration.
  • - Fully thermally broken (1.56Uw)
  • - Stand out in the Window & Door market with Panora


Value For Your Investment

- 3 unique systems to suit specific needs, climates, sizes, or budget
- Flexibility of configuration, safety features and aesthetics
- Greater window and glass wall seating leads to greater revenue potential


✓ Open / close, button, remote or central automation systems,

✓ No need additional stacking space is required
for stacking when opened,

✓ Uninterrupted openings of up to

6m (18’), no vertical profiles


✓ Custom designed aluminum system


✓ Electrostatic baked on powder coating,

✓ All components and fittings are of corrossion resistance materials,

✓ 25+ years of expertise in 40+ countries


✓ Alternative to sliding, swinging or folding windows & doors,

✓ More glass, less frame (up to 6m without
vertical profiles),

✓ No counterweights, easy retrofit option



Broaden Your Horizon


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