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Vertical Sliding Glass Window

What is a vertical sliding glass window?
There are different types of vertical sliding glass windows. One known as double hung window is similar to vertical sash window where the bottom part of the window slides upwards for ventilation. However with double hung type vertical sliding windows, both sashes are operable and they both move up and down. Another type of vertical sliding glass window is the guillotine windows which are typically operated with a motor and have the capacity to cover much larger openings. Guillotine type vertical sliding glass window is a relatively new concept in architecture. Vertical retractable window types can be seen more and more in modern buildings and condos over time. 

How does a vertical sliding glass window work?
The direction of the panels of a window affects how much space it would take in front of it. For instance, while sliding windows move towards the wall linage and does not require extra space, sliding folding windows require space in front of the wall as it folds on the perpendicular axis. In this case, while the window itself moves away for ventilation and clears the opening, it acquires room for action inside the room. 

Standard or classic type vertical sliding windows have a check rail at the bottom part of the window which you hold and move upwards to open the window. This is an example to manual operation. Double hung type vertical sliding windows have a second check rail where to sash panels meet.

How does the guillotine doors work?
Guillotine type vertical retractable sliding glass windows, the panels (which can be two in count, or more) slide separately and one by one and stash at the bottom part or the top part of the opening depending on the product model via motor power. Generally, windows in residential buildings have similar opening sizes. In guillotine action on the other hand, panels slide vertically. Therefore, it is stacked on the ceiling which is an area not used by the people circulating and act as a door, or it is stacked at the bottom part and turn into a balustrade. 

Why should someone prefer vertical sliding glass window?
Vertical sliding glass window is preferable due to several reasons. The most important difference it serves is the fact that it does not require any extra space in the room whilst the opening action. For guillotine type vertical sliding windows another benefit is the size and the easy operation. The ability of having an opening in around 3 meters length on the wall with a touch of a button is a remarkable advantage. The bigger the window is, the better ventilation and the more natural light you receive. This means more flexibility in the usage of the space. Vertical retracting glass windows are also better than standard vertical sliding sash windows in terms of safety. Due to secure track technology and the motorized rail action the system is highly safe during the operation and in the static mode.


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Vertical Sliding Glass Window

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There are different types of vertical sliding glass windows. One known as double hung window is similar to vertical sash window where the ...