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Libart is the leading global brand in operable architectural solutions utilizing Aluminum, Glass and Mechanical systems. Libart's retractable structures provide the convenince of achieving indoor or outdoor spaces in the same location within minutes. Libart's retractable systems are used in; Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Recreational Centers, Swimming Pools and large span vertical opening Windows,Doors & Curtaion wall Windows.

With distributors in 40+ countries and manufacturing centers in USA, UAE, Australia and Turkey, Libart is able to support Architects, Consultants, Business owners and Contractors in their quest for innovative, functional and well-balanced multipurpose custom designs.


Libart equip architects with the tools that augment their imagination of multi-function spaces and shape environments replete with natural light. Retractable Structures, glass facade system, retractable skylights, retractable roofs, retractable windows, retracting doors, guillotine windows, pool enclosures are just a few solutions but our range of services stretch with the modern architectural designs and innovative ideas which are at the helm of Libart. We are working to be your reference source for Motion in Architecture.  


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