As Panora, our philosophy embraces a vertical retraction approach combined with a minimalist design across our complete product range. This strategy leads to unobstructed views, improved comfort, and above all, the elimination of any operational limitations

Based on the concept “to offer solutions for the businesses who choose to provide a unique experience to their customers” Panora launches its initial steps in the market of Windows and Doors. These are the products that shape the design and architecture of the space while behaving as the core elements of the theme. We as Panora believe in vertical retraction with minimalistic design in all our product lines. This results in unobstructed views, comfort and above all, maximized clear span between supported columns.


The indoor part of the house must connect with the outdoors in a way that provides unobstructed views. All of these wishes are being wrapped up with a single solution in the form of vertical retraction.

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