Vertical Retracting Windows

Top-Tier Quality and Certification: Revolutionizing Windows in Architecture

Panora Vertical Retracting Window System is an operational fenestration system. The system has panels that move vertically designed to optimize the opening on a façade. The design is distinctive by product of prioritizing aesthetics, cost-efficiency, and climate control. Compared to a typical sash window, Panora window system covers a much larger opening.

When it comes to motion in architecture and retractability, Panora is a pioneer in the field. With decades of research and development advancements, skilled architects, designers, and engineers have produced unique, high-quality retractable architectural systems for the industry.

Highlight of the Product

For an area that needs flexibility, Panora Window system is the straightforward answer. Consequently, the idea of a moving window is still a novelty for the industry. This type of cutting-edge architectural solution offered by retractable glass windows can be advantageous to homeowners, business owners, architects, and contractors.


Particularly in the domains of architecture and construction, customers and designers are becoming more conscious of the value of well-functioning and long-lasting products. A space’s adaptability significantly affects its overall use and potential modification costs. Retractable window systems’ versatility is a key feature in that sense.


With Panora Windows, a wall can function as a window and a balustrade simultaneously. The retractable window system from Panora is a prime illustration of versatility. The glazing can pile into a contemporary balustrade structure with its downward retraction. At the bottom of the façade opening, where the aluminum profiles and the glazing converge, the obstructions to the view are fully eliminated. The system can completely enclose a width of 6 meters at once because of its wide opening span capacity.

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