Vertical Retracting Countertop Windows

Faster, easier, and more refined!

Efficiency is now everything for businesses. Panora works hard to see the needs of commercial spaces. Fast food chains, banks, restaurants, takeaway stands, or anywhere there is a representative desk and a customer queue… Panora offers a solution.

Panora Vertical CounterTop windows offer a cost-effective, chic, and easily operated solution with an aluminum framing system that is also minimalistic and safe.

Highlight of the Product

Vertical CounterTop Windows redefine multifunctionality as a well-designed window system. It creates an operable border for businesses where security measures are important. Spaces have never had such versatility.


Panora CounterTop Window systems provide convenience for banks, restaurants, reception and concierge desks, and other commercial spaces. It enhances health safety measures and security. The minimalist aluminum framing comes in different colors and can be adapted to various sizes. The insulated glass system provides great sound and climate control ability. For commercial spaces on the street, it is appealing, too! Whether it is a third-wave coffee shop or a gelato café, having a countertop facing the entrance will turn into a profitable purchase point.


Panora CounterTop is specifically designed as an operable vertical retracting window system for above countertops and desks. The motorized vertical retraction sets it apart from its peers as it is easy to operate. The system is versatile, it can retract down for banks and other customer relation centers to provide protection from diseases and it can retract upwards for cafes, restaurants, and bars for a spacious seating space. The appearance of this countertop plays an important part as well. Panora CounterTop window’s hidden sash guide increases the aesthetic value and the finger pinch adds to the safety measurements.

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