Vertical Retracting Interior Dividers

Vertical Retracting Interior Dividers are the equivalent of a convertible car for a commercial space. Imagine that all of your spaces have the ability to transform themselves in terms of size. It is a well-known fact in architecture that user convenience is derived from design flexibility and functionality. This kind of retractable partition system will help you meet your modern needs from a space.

Simply having the option to create smaller rooms out of a single large space in a matter of seconds offers a fantastic solution for offices, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments that require special areas.

Highlight of the Product

When it comes to vertical dividers, there is a case for convenience. In any given location, it establishes clearly defined spaces and offers flexibility without sacrificing floor space. Maximum effectiveness, unrestricted designs, and practical spaces!


Glass partitions may also be produced in accordance with an architect’s unique specifications. Collaborations involving many materials are feasible. The vertical retracting interior divider system from Panora has a simple operation method that makes it easy for designers to get creative. The easy installation is another benefit for the contractors.


Panora’s vertical retracting interior dividers have the capacity to cover a large portion like a wall, at once. The system provides sound and climate control within the space. Especially noise reduction, as it is one of the most important aspects of the system. Rather than a large noisy room, the interior partitions give smaller spaces better acoustics. For a restaurant, special reservations or large groups may enjoy this kind of privacy. Hotels, casinos, meeting halls, business floors, and many more spatial organizations can benefit from this unique solution.

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