November 12th, 2019

Forzon & Libart sign business collaboration agreement

"Forzon is a leading transparent roof solutions manufacturer and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with them to expand their scope of systems with Libart’s retractable glazed solutions”, said Cem Comu, Chairman & CEO of Libart. Adding more “Our collaboration with Forzon will enable us to tap in on their turn-key experience and leadership in building large, high-performance transparent roof solutions projects in Europe and North America as we seek to create even more remarkable projects along with the services that deliver the best user experience for our products. Forzon always succeeds in presenting the right technology at the right time, as an expert in solutions and Libart has always been the technology leader in retractable architectural solutions. We deeply believe in this partnership and I am sure, this collaboration will bring new visions and gains to both sides".

"As a company seeking to deliver innovative architectural products and solutions to our customers, we are excited at the opportunity to work more closely with Libart in future", continues Jeroen De Cock, Managing Director of Forzon. "In addition to welcoming Libart in our solutions portfolio, we look forward to working together on a wide range of strategic projects in Benelux, France, Spain, and Portugal. It is again a step closer to our vision to be a unique partner for unique solutions in the market for transparent roof solutions. We distinguish ourselves more than ever from a classic aluminum wall, window and door supplier. We believe in cooperation. We experience Libart as a strong modern company, being very progressive on all levels.”

This partnership is commercialized under the brand name of “Forzon in motion with Libart”.
About Forzon
Forzon is part of DCG (Deforche Construction Group NV (plc.) and is a flexible family business specialized in the designing, engineering, construction and installation of glass, steel and aluminum structures.
To help make creative designs feasible – both in terms of engineering and budget, Forzon involves architects, project managers and contractors in the process as early as possible, ideally form the concept phase. Forzon is an experienced partner that is committed to delivering on your vision and expectations.
Forzon has the expertise, innovative spirit and drives to take on complex challenges. Skylights, atriums, glass roofs, canopies, arcades … The sky has no limits. 

About Libart
LIBART is a global leader with its innovative operable architectural solutions, utilizing aluminum and glass glazed structures, for architects, consultants, and contractors around the world. Structures and systems that allow for “Indoor Comfort and Outdoor Freedom Spaces” in the same location. Expanding the flexibility of spaces and creature comforts of those using it, whatever the weather.
Libart’s expertise and innovation bestow in transforming static glazed architectural systems to retractable, operable solutions, these are self-supporting freestanding buildings, the extensive range of skylights, vertical walls, doors, and windows. Motion in Architecture has no limits.


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