July 22nd, 2019

Pool Enclosure


Whether rain or snow or the climate is harsh; We believe that with our retractable pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool year-round. What is happier to see that your pool is now operational for all months of the year. With Libart pool enclosure you preserve all the fun for you and your loved ones. The scorching direct heat of the sun in summers will be stopped, that will save your family from sunburns. When the winter arrives, the shield of the pool enclosure guard against freezing temperatures and cold winds.


Freedom & Fun

Pool Enclosure helps saves on maintenance cost 

The second most benefit is saving the cost on your maintenance. Keeping your pool filtered and clean can be hardworking and costly work. Pool will be safe from dirt, dust, insects and leaves with the installation of Libart Pool Enclosure System. With Libart pool enclosures, you can easily avoid getting dirt, dust, leaves, or insects in your pool. This allows for a neat and clean pool all the time. 

Looks Beautiful 

The wonderful aesthetic appeal proved to be eloquence and radiance as well. Make yourself different and become famous by installing one of the Libart Pool Enclosure that have so many styles, designs and offer to choose the material as per the suitability. 

The project you see in the picture Yenitepe nuhoglu & Private Villa Istanbul 


1. What about heating a pool enclosure compared to an indoor pool?
The natural solar heat gain from the sun — “greenhouse effect”— gives the environment and pool water a 20 degree advantage, even on winter days.

2. Do I need a building permit?
In most areas you do. Your Libart Project Manager will work with you and your local Building Department to determine if one is required by law.

3. Are these engineered?
They are fully engineered and come with a wet-stamp approval from a structural engineer licensed to practice in your state or province.
This also means they will withstand the weather in your area. They are engineered for the snow fall and wind requirements.

4. Does the enclosure material have any UV resistance?
The polycarbonate material blocks 99% of UV rays, giving longer life to your skin, your furniture, and your vinyl liner.


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