October 13th, 2023

Site Manpower Services

Exclusive for Our Dealers: Supervisor Services and Maintenance

We're thrilled to introduce our new program, "Site Manpower Services", with the support of our dedicated team. In this program, our intention is to extend our experienced team and cost advantages to our partners for the installation and service of Libart systems. With this program, you need no longer worry about maintaining a system-specific experienced crew; now you can install and service all your Libart systems with the aid of Libart's "Site Manpower Services".

Key Features: 

  • Experience: All our 'Site Manpower Services' team (technicians, supervisors, and engineers) are system experts with extensive experience.

  • Agile: We install and service Libart systems around the world. Our staff, together with your team, will achieve faster, problem-free installation and service times.

  • Instant Onsite Support: If there are problems, our staff has extensive resources from our team in our headquarters.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Any product is only as good as the service it receives. Libart systems require qualified installers for years of problem-free service, which can only be achieved with an experienced team.

  • Profit Maximization: "Site Manpower Services" will result in faster installs and most likely at lower costs than those locally. In addition, you can now sell periodic maintenance contracts to increase your profits. By pooling service calls to one or two weeks, our staff and one of your team members can service up to 10+ projects. Guaranteed repeat income from your sales without the commitment of full-time staffing.

  • Competitive Pricing Structure: "Site Manpower Services" pricing has been revised to give you a competitive advantage and reduce your fixed costs with the system-specific manpower you need for Libart systems. 

To request "Site Manpower Services", please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are eager to support you in upgrading your business success.

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