June 18th, 2019

Team India Visit to Libart HQ

Libart has a global network from West to East and North to South covering every continent. We at Libart believe in diversity as our strength to innovate, design, plan and execute. Professionalism is at our helm and working as a local is our style. The training at our headquarters is a routine task where our dealers, partners, and distributors join us to update their information and share the regional information. At Libart we share ideas, culture, and information to enhance the products and services that will be loved by our users. 
The Libart team from India visited us for a week and spent a wonderful time. The training ranged from the understanding of systems, what experience we are offering through our concept of motion in architecture and how it can be beneficial for the Indian Market. We have analyzed that there is a great potential in the growing market of India where the hospitality and commercial industry is booming. The modern architecture that looks elegant, saves the operational space and provides the view is now the need of the businesses that want them to be ahead of the competition and allows their user to have a royal experience. 

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