Das Das Theater

Das Das Theater

Project Name:Das Das Theater
Location:Istanbul / TUR
Sub Solution:Recreational Venues
Units:25 Units
Size:4.5m x 3.5m H
Glazing:6mm Clear Tempered + 20 + 6mm Clear Tempered
Project Number:4086

The Istanbul popular venue Das Das Theater attracts thousands of people for socializing. The stage for performing arts, concert hall and restaurant at this place bring a brand new cultural experience for people with identical taste. With time, it becomes the symbol for the community who produces and share the cultural entertainment that adds flavor to life. 

How Das Das become the unique and different theatre Globally? The answer to this is simply the Architects confidence in Libart’s concept of Motion in Architecture. We are honored with this opportunity as the owners of DAS DAS put creativity in front, and designers for adapting the culture of innovation. Whenever Libart has any project at the table the team at Libart research intensively to shape the venue accordingly with the needs. For this project, the demand is for the architecture that brings ease to the mobility of Human traffic at the time of events. Libart Panora - View Doors and Panora - View Windows which work on the principle of Guillotine doors and guillotine windows fabricated the seamless entrance and exits that blends the outdoor space with indoor space. Based on modern architecture design these vertical sliding doors behave as panoramic doors providing full view door at Das Das Theater. 

Automatic and sleek architecture doors with Panoramic door views is the brand new invention at Libart that enhances the attraction in architecture and eventually brings more business to our customers as it creates a captivating environment at the venues. The vertical sliding doors save operational space and fill your venues with natural light. Replacing Facades with panoramic doors and panoramic windows are the need for businesses to position different in the competitive environment. 

We are delighted with the reviews of the Das Das customers that praise our advancement in retractable structures which they have never seen before at any other place. 

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