Inya Road Villas

Inya Road Villas

Project Name:Inya Road Villas
Location:Yangon / MMR
Sub Solution:Homes
Units:1 Unit
Size:3.49m x 3.42m H
Glazing:6T clear solar lowe 70/41 + 20 + 6 clear
Project Number:4530

A cozy living space is the one you can enjoy throughout the year with the same comfort in each season. Retractable door and window systems are very good additions to not only commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, and venues but also to residential areas. A good quality retractable window or door system means functionality, versatility and adaptability for each and every space.

Natural lighting is everything when it comes to residential spaces. What makes a home peaceful and joyful during the day is directly related to the amount of natural lighting it receives which is psychologically proven. Traditional fenestration tends to have thicker frames and more mullion elements than Panora’s retractable window and door systems. These types of additional opaque elements disrupt the sun light and produce undesirable shadings on wall surfaces. Another disadvantage for traditional fenestration systems is the size restrictions. For instance, with Panora D4 systems large openings can be covered at once and the whole system is still operable.

In this project Panora retractable door system was used. This model has four panels that can be retracted to the top of the opening and completely disappear from the sight when desired. A balcony can be completely added to the indoor area and vice versa. The room becomes larger, and it also becomes a semi-closed outdoor area in good weather. The beautiful greenery of Yangon/Myanmar is no longer out of the reach when the sun is up.

This living room becomes an exotic hub or a terrace increasing the overall value of the house. Due to convenient capacities of Panora D4 model, approximately 3,5 meters to 3,5 meters size opening was covered. This is a very big opening solved in a minimalist and aesthetic aluminum frame system. White aluminum frames compliment the humbleness of the door system. When closed the minimum number of lateral elements are in view. These horizontal transoms frame the beautiful green tree outside turning it into a painting on the wall.

The glazing system is 6T+20+6 in this project which provides an adequate climate control in the room when closed. The emphasis on the safety for Libart’s products makes the products pioneers in the industry as it is an important parameter for such heavy and large systems. Although the aluminum and glass door system is strong, it is still easy to operate for anyone thanks to its superior motorized action.

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