Maria Christina Hotel

Maria Christina Hotel

Project Name:Maria Christina Hotel
Location:Peniscola / ESP
Sub Solution:Hotel
Product:MAX GUL
Units:5 Units
Size:3.48m x 2.38m H
Glazing:32 mm
Project Number:5113

Panora Vertical Retracting Window systems provide commercial spaces with openness and a terrace-like ambiance, allowing for increased table and chair usage. Maria Cristina Hotel, with its utilization of these systems, offers guests an exceptional experience. Located in Peniscola, Spain, the hotel ensures a comfortable environment year-round, with the systems closing during cold or rainy days and opening to reveal a vast, unobstructed sea view.

Panora Vertical Retracting Windows elegant aluminum white profiles seamlessly complement the hotel's dining area, offering guests stunning views of both the pool and the sea. The surrounding scenery, including the palms along the road and the historical castle structure across the bay, further enhances the experience. In total, 5 pieces of Panora MAX GUL Windows systems, each reaching almost 3.5 meters in width without any vertical mullions, are used in the project. The GUL-W2 model, a two-panel variation of Panora Window Systems, ensures a seamless view when opened, with the top panel retracting vertically and disappearing from sight. When closed, the aluminum profiles frame the view like artwork. Maria Cristina Hotel continues to set the standard for comfort and aesthetics in commercial spaces with its Panora Vertical Retracting Window systems.

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