Navigator Restaurant

Navigator Restaurant

Project Name:Navigator Restaurant
Location:Belgrade / SRB
Sub Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
Units:6 units
Size:3.2m x 2.9m H
Glazing:6T + 20 + 6T
Project Number:1675

A fine dining requires a fine setting!

The Buena Vida restaurant located in the Navigator Business Center in Belgrade; Serbia is one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in the country. The restaurant claims being more than “great Mexican food”; that they provide a space to make memories which is in total compliance with Libart’s motto. Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom… Libart’s mission has always been to make people feel comfortable and at home whether they are in an indoor space or an outdoor space. To create a space of peace, comfort, and a place to remember! While Libart does not claim any credit for the delicious food that is served here, it definitely has an important role in the architectural quality of the restaurant. In the end, the well-populated city of Belgrade gained a fine dining venue with this exquisite interior.

The Navigator Restaurant is situated at the ground level, therefore has a lot of surfaces around its borders to the outdoor. Rather than the standard folding sliding glass systems, the interior is designed for a better experience. The GUM-W3 model of Panora Vertical Retracting Windows was preferred for the projects which relatively covers wider area at once. Panora is a vertically retractable window system manufactured specifically for wide openings and spaces that require versatility and an aesthetic appeal.

As the aluminum profiles can be manufactured in many different colors in RAL range, the black framework of Panora system fit perfectly with the general design of the interior. The height of the openings are 3,2 meters and the width for each unit is 2,9meters. In total 6 units were applied to the venue. The Panora Window systems are well-known with its multifunctionality feature that the window turns into a balustrade when opened. The 3-panel version (W3) is used in this project where the two panels at the top are stashed at the bottom when closed. Another thing to note is the glazing specification. Double 6mm tempered glazing with a 20mm air gap in between provided the desired insulation properties to the restaurant. When closed the perimeter of the restaurant obtains a glass wall that still enables plenty of natural lighting to the inside while keeping the wind and other weather inconveniences outside.

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