Panora Facade Residence

Panora Facade Residence

Project Name:Panora Facade Residence
Location:Istanbul / TUR
Sub Solution:Apartments
Units:2 Units
Size:3.98m x 2.23m
3.4m x 2.3m
Glazing:8mm Temp.Glass Neutral 51/28 #2 + 20mm Air Gap + 8mm Temp.Clear Glass
Project Number:3285

Comfort of your living spaces are greatly governed by your sense of spaciousness, this is where Panora windows play a big role, providing unobstructed view that blurs the inside with the outside. This project is an excellent example of how Panora vertical retracting Maxi Façade windows can trasform a living room into an excusive resting and refreshing space, with sea and countryside views from your favorite chair.

Panora Façade series was specifically design for homes and curtain wall systems where excellent thermal insulation and weather resistance is required.  It can be glazed with IG of up to  38mm, optional balustrade that adds an extra touch of comfort and structural strength against heavy heather and winds.  Panora Façade motorized windows can be operated with remote control or be connected to your building automation system.

For more information on how to elevate your living space, contact us at [email protected]. Welcome to a world of luxury living with Panora Systems.

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