Retractable Divider Wall

Retractable Divider Wall

Project Name:Retractable Divider Wall
Location:Istanbul / TUR
Sub Solution:Restaurant & Cafe
Units:1 Unit
Size:3m x 3.2m H
Glazing:32mm IG (Double Glazed)
Project Number:6318

What is Vertical Dividers?

A room is defined by its function. However, if the design does not match the function it will fail. Only by verbally defining a space is never enough as the users always circulate instinctively. Therefore, it might sometimes be necessary to properly encapsulate some spaces by introducing physical borders to guide the people in the most efficient way that suits the function of that space and increase overall quality. 

Vertical Dividers in architecture are presented to solve this problem. A vertical divider can be formed in several ways. The main purpose of a vertical divider might be to separate a heterogeneous space into two or more homogeneous spaces or create multiple spaces from one single space. For example, it can draw a border between a courtyard and a corridor or it can divide one large room into two smaller ones.

One way of using a vertical divider is to literally build walls around the requested space which would bring up the problem of rigidity. When you build a wall, it is there to stay. However, the needs, the expectations, and the way how a room is needed can change over time. This brings up the question of versatility. A lighter and more adaptable way of designing a vertical divider can be with metal meshes or wood panels. 

The specification of a vertical divider is determined according to following aspects: the necessity of transparency, the size, ambience of the environment, function, adaptability, stability, cost, amount of people using the space.

For example, vertically retractable window or door systems will work perfectly for a restaurant. When needed the border separating the outdoor space from the indoor space can disappear leaving a space of conformity. The PanoraView door system introduces a brand-new approach to vertical dividers or vertical space dividers with the motion it introduces to any kind of spatial architectural solution. Imagine a door that can pile up at the top through the ceiling and letting a well-circulated space. In architecture the quality of the space is determiend according to the capacity of being timeless. Because time changes everything, business evolve according to rapidly increasing technological developments and the physical spaces should keep up with these transformations. Therefore, if a vertical divider is needed for a space, its ability of being kinetic is vital.

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